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museumpeople's Journal

Museum People
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For anyone who works or volunteers in a museum, studies related topics, or is generally otherwise a museum geek.

People associated with related institutions such as zoos and aquariums are also welcome.

Please use an lj-cut if you 1) write a long post 2) post 2 or more images (you can leave one image outside the cut) 3 post an image that is larger than 800x600 pixels.

If you post in another language, please consider including an English summary or translation. Even a short summary would be very helpful.

Please be considerate to other community members. Do not post local events too frequently. Political discussions are OK as long as everyone remains calm and there are no personal insults. Offensive posts/comments, trolling, and personal attacks may result in a ban.

(Put the Museum Person button in YOUR journal! Just save the graphic to your own space and put this code in your userinfo:
< A HREF="http://www.livejournal.com/community/museumpeople" BORDER=0> < img src="http://YOURWEBSPACE.COM/museumbutton.jpg"> < /A>
minus the extra spaces!)


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